NRG demolish TyLoo in Shanghai – Ongoing player break limited the challengers

NRG Esports @ IEM Shanghai 2018

The North American frontrunners met all expectations by crushing their opponents 2-0 in the Grand Finale of IEM Shanghai 2018. Eight participant teams gathered in Shanghai last Wednesday to play for 250,000 dollars. Besides the two finalists, participants included Virtus.proHellRaisersGambitBOOT-d[S]5POWER as well as the Australian team, Grayhound. The absence of top contenders such as Astralis and FaZe Clan was due to an ongoing player break, which was organized to give players a chance to relax.

The group stage finished with the two finalists at the top of their respective groups. From there the tournament went on to Playoffs. After eliminating HellRaisers in the group stage, NRG Esports kept their winning streak going until the title was secured. They didn’t lose a single map during the whole event. TyLoo also played an impressive tournament, losing only once to, who had just recently lost Janusz ”Snax” Pogorzelski to Mousesports. TyLoo’s 2-1 semi-final win over VP was enough for a spot in the Grand Finale where they, to the disappointment of the home crowd, weren’t able to rise to NRG’s level.

The North Americans first defeated TyLoo in Overpass with a 16-9 score, from where the match proceeded to Mirage, which was picked by the Chinese team. Despite the relatively huge difference in the final scores of Overpass, it was still anyone’s game to take home. In their own map though, an overbearing disappointment was waiting for TyLoo. NRG’s Jacob ”FugLy” Medina absolutely destroyed what was left of TyLoo’s pace in the first rounds of the map. The game wouldn’t last long, as the home team was only able to secure a mere two rounds, which meant a crushing 16-2 win for North America.

IEM Shanghai 2018 was the second Intel Extreme Masters event of the ongoing 13th season. The season will culminate in IEM Season XIII World Championship in the beginning of 2019.

IEM Shanghai 2018 – Results
1st NRG Esports $125,000
2nd TyLoo $50,000
3th-4th Gambit Esports $22,000
5th-6th HellRaisers $10,000
7th-8th 5Power Gaming $5,500

Image: ESL