Ninjas is back, and they have a Fortnite team

Wait, wait, what?

Ninjas is back, and they have a Fortnite team

Ninjas in Pyjamas has not been quite “in the scene” as they used to in early stages of their career, but with their latest come up to a Major CS:GO event, things seemed to be taking on a good path once again.

As many other administrations which are looking to expand troughut the whole eSports spectrum, they too have encountered many other options: The popular battle-royale game Fortnite, for example.

Henceforth, the Swedish have revealed that a new roster had been signed up, and some upcoming players will be seen alongside one of the oldest organizations in eSports. The announce as made over Fragbite’s Twitter account:

The new Ninjas will be Dean “Gringe” Lawrence, Max “Goofy” Rosenlind, Anastasios “Yung” Timpanidis and Patrik “Xited” Heiber and, oh boy, they’re already making all of us hype. Aren’t they?

Roster will not work as others, where there’s a team of four players, but more likely will perform in two couples: Cringe and Yung being one of them, and Goofy and Xited for the last.

NiP is widely known for their incredible Counter Strike: Global Offensive development, creating legends such as f0rest or GeT_RiGhT, but it seems like, as aforementioned, they have been jumping into other genres since quite a lot: Let’s take their last year’s PUBG team as an example.

A reference image to NiP’s famous CS:GO team.

With this, the Ninjas enter a short list of reputable organizations such as Virtus.Pro or Fnatic who have also evolved to other professional genres. From now on, the question should be: Are they going to wreck the scene?

Be sure to follow up NiP’s official webpage by clicking here.