Kinguin vs Tempo Storm

eSports Cs Go tip

Polish team will face Tempo storm at Master II. This match will be due or die for team Tempo Storm as they lost their first match versus Singularity(16-7 on Overpass and 16-13 on Inferno). If Temp Storm loses this match, they will have a slim chance to advance to playoffs. These teams faced each other 2 times so far and Kinguin did not lose in any of their previous meetings. They played 2 Best-of-3 series and they both were pretty much one-sided with Polish squad winning 2-0 in both of those matches. Tempo Storm is a team based around rejects from tier 1 and tier 2 teams. Most of their current roster played in a better team, but they did not play good enough to stay in those top teams. However, Tempo Storm is stacked with experience but at what cost? They have 0 team play and chemistry between them. Also, the last player added to their roster only played 3 matches so far with his new team. Hendrik “cheti” Vallimägi is their latest addition, and he is their worst player so far, having a very bad HLTV 2.0 rating of 0.73. Communication will definitely be a problem for Tempo Storm, they will have a Portuguese player, 2 Estonian players, 1 Spanish and one Polish player. Also, they have not been able to work on their strats and chemistry as their newcomer only played 6 maps in total with them. In their last match versus team Singularity, “cheti” played really bad, as his KD was awful(24-43) with an average of 60 dmg/round. That feels like you are playing 4v5. Furthermore, they have managed to string 5 consecutive defeats. On the other hand, we have Polish Kinguin. They have been around for a very long time. Most of their strategy is based on aggression and team cohesion. They are also filled with experience, with the likes of Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas and Karol “rallen” Rodowicz. At the moment, “rallen” is their best player and he is rated at 1.2 by HLTV. Kinguin is on fire lately, in their last 5 matches, they won 4 and narrowly lost one versus team X-com. Kinguin has a great communication and coordination between themselves and I see them getting an edge on Tempo Storm because of that. As for the maps, Tempo Storm is really good on one map, and that is Inferno. However, Inferno is one of the worst maps for Kinguin so we will probably see it being banned by them. Kinguin is also comfortable playing Mirage, Dust 2 and Nuke. Tempo Storm has a solid Mirage and Cache. To conclude, Kinguin has a much better map pool then Tempo Storm and I can see them beating Tempo Storm easily.

I have to go with Kinguin winning this one for a nice odd of [email protected]