ESL ONE Cologne 2018: Renegades – BIG

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The opening match of day number 3 in Cologne is going to be Australian Renegades versus team BIG. Both of these teams are coming off from mixed results in their previous 2 games. Renegades lost their first match versus MIBR(they had a 9-1 lead) and the did not look bad at all. In their elimination match, they were faced versus B.O.O.T-d[S] where they simply showed that they are a better team, they closed the series with a 2-0 win. On the other hand, team BIG managed to snatch a win in their first match versus team Liquid. However, they had to face Fnatic in an upper bracket. They had a solid first map, but luck was not on their side. Timings were off, a lot of smoke kills from Fnatic and numerous clutches helped Fnatic claim a 2-0 victory over German team. Also, this is an elimination match for both of the teams.

As I mentioned above, both of the teams are in a pretty similar form. They both have 2 wins in their last 5 matches. If we look at the playstyles of these teams, they are very different. BIG enjoys being aggressive and they do not mind using a lot of utility to set up aggressive plays. They tend to play a loose style based around “Tabsen”. Contrarily, Renegades nurture passive playstyle with textbook executes. They are a very disciplined and structured team.

As for the map pool, both the teams have a very small map pool. Renegades best map is Cache, followed up by Mirage and Dust 2, but Overpass and Nuke are very bad maps for them. However, BIG also thrives on Cache, Overpass and Dust 2, but their Train is awful. Map prediction should be fairly simple for this match. Cache- Dust 2 – Inferno.

In conclusion, this will be a boring matchup and I can see both of the teams winning their map picks. Different playstyles, very small map pool and the last chance for one of these teams to play in front of the Cologne crowd. I can really see this going to a decider map.


Total maps – over 2.5 –

Bet closes at 5.7.2018, 12:00(UTC+2)