ESL ONE Cologne 2018: Fnatic – North

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Fnatic and North will face off on the first day of ESL One Cologne 2018. Both of these teams are not playing really well lately. In their last 5 matches, fnatic has 2 wins and 3 defeats. North is in a similar form with them having 3 wins and 2 defeats. At the moment, North is ranked as the 8th team in the world and Fnatic as 9th.

North definitely has a better map pool. They are comfortable on more than just one map. They enjoy playing Mirage, Inferno, and Train. These are the maps that Fnatic likes to play as well. Overpass is one of the worst maps for Fnatic and I can see it being permabanned by them. On the other side, North is very bad on Cache and they will probably permaban it. That leads us to one of the 3 maps I mentioned above.

Furthermore, there is one more very important thing that I have to mention. Fnatic has two newcomers, in the likes of “Xizt” and “Draken”. This will be only the 7th map for “Xizt” and 1st for “Draken” in Fnatic jersey. That says a lot about their chemistry and team play coming to this LAN.

To conclude, North is in a slightly better form than Fnatic, and they had a constant roster for a while now. On the other hand, Fnatic will have 2 new players on their roster and that will significantly affect their strategy. They are a team that likes to drain a clock and executes in the last 25 seconds of the round and that could cost them in this match. However, we will probably see a map that is comfortable for both of the teams but I believe that North will prevail in this derby.


North –

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