ELEAGUE is on to semi-finals – FaZe suffers early elimination

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018

In Atlanta, USA, the currently ongoing ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 tournament has progressed to semi-final phase. Four out of the eight teams that the event started with remain in the fight for the $500,000 prize: Astralis, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid and Mousesports.

A bitter disappointment for FaZe

The level has been quite high in this tournament, which is expected considering the participant teams are the eight best teams in the world, according to HLTV. Astralis, Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan were the clear front runners, and two of them are still in the fight. FaZe on the other hand experienced some unexpected difficulties and were eliminated in the group stage. They first lost to Mousesports and later to Fnatic as well. The loss against the shaky Swedish team Fnatic was especially unusual and probably didn’t do any favours to FaZe’s returning star, Olof “olofmeister” Kjajber. On the contrary, Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski, who was recently acquired by Mousesports made his debut this tournament and is surely pleased with his team’s performance.

Mousesports to a deserved semi-final spot

FaZe Clan’s weak tournament played in favour of NaVi, who took group A’s top spot by winning two out of two matches. The Ukrainian team won both teams responsible for FaZe’s elimination: Fnatic and Mousesports.

The two nails in FaZe’s coffin fought each other last night for the second and last semi-final spot of group B. The match started with Inferno, where the teams traded kills and rounds until the second half. That’s when Fnatic got the upper hand and slipped to a 16-13 win. Mousesports’ journey seemed to have reached its end in Train, but Mouz’s Robin “ropz” Kool’s triple kill in a 14-12 situation to Fnatic turned the game around. The map was soon tied 14-14. This is when Chris “ChrisJ” de Jong showed off his AWP skills by securing two important kills. In the end, Mousesports bested Fnatic 16-14, thanks to Miikka “suNny” Kemppi’s and “Snax’s” contributions in the last round before Mouz’s win.

The game culminated in Mirage, where Mousesports proved to be far superior. Fnatic didn’t really get into the game until the second half, when the lead of their opponents was already too big. Mousesports advanced to semi-finals with the total score of 2-1.

The winner will be decided this weekend

The real challenge for Mousesports is still waiting though, as on Saturday they’ll be playing against the Danish bulldozer Astralis. Both home teams, Cloud9 and Team Liquid had to give in to Astralis, who steamrolled to the top spot of group A with two 2-0 wins. Team Liquid was able to secure group A’s second semi-final spot with their important win over MIBR. They are up against NaVi in the semi-finals this weekend.

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ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 – Results
1st TBD $500,000
2nd TBD $200,000
3rd – 4th TBD $80,000
5th – 6th MIBR $40,000
7th – 8th Cloud9 $30,000
FaZe Clan