ECS League: G2 Vs EnVyUs

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Last week in ECS League is starting today with two matches. We have G2 versus EnVyUs on two maps and the first map which this tip is covering is being played in Overpass. Only G2 has a chance to the offline finals in Wembley. 

First map in this matchup is Overpass. This tip is covering that. Overpass is a very good map for G2, especially for this match. EnVyUs has played Overpass this year only five times which is not much. Overpass does not belong to EnVy’s best maps either. 

EnVyUs has been in a huge slump since forever. We can’t even remember for how long. The players seem unconfident and the team lacks tactics. It seems like the team is not even trying to play together which is sometimes common under Happy’s leadership. 

G2 showed us some promising form in Sydney last week and actually played two promising games in Overpass against Fnatic and NRG. They won NRG but lost tightly to fnatic 16-14. The team seems to be improving all the time.

There has been some rumors in the air that a French shuffle could be in the way. The rumors have contained both EnVyUs players and also G2 players which is why I don’t give a lot of value for that, because G2 will surely try their best to get in to Wembley finals.

According to StayInPit statistics, EnVyUs has the lowest win-percent out of all “top tier” teams in Overpass. The team has only 18,9% win rate on CT-Side rounds and 51,2% win rate in Terrorists. All in all, the team has only 30% of their rounds won and they haven’t been able to win any game played in Overpass. These statistics are collected from the last 100 days.

G2 has good win percentages and it definitely reflects on to the game. G2 has a strong CT-Side which should be good enough to take rounds. You can see it from the picture below that G2 wins most of their games played in Overpass. You should also consider the fact that G2 usually plays against higher level teams than EnVyus. That is why I am giving a edge to G2 in this matchup.

EnVyUs has won 0 pistol rounds in Overpass this year which is 10 pistol rounds. That is a big factor why EnVy can’t win games in Overpass. G2, on the other hand, has won 50%.

All in all, these are just percentages and they don’t mean much. They are just helping hands for proving our points. From these facts, we came to a conclusion that G2 should win this game quite easily considering that G2 won the last game Overpass between these two teams 16-2.

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Our bet:

G2 -4,5 @ 1,90