ECS: FaZe – NiP

Bet closes 10.5.2018, 20.00

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The last week of ECS is going on and today we have some really good matches. We will be looking at the matchup between FaZe and NiP, especially the first map which is Overpass. FaZe is coming into this match after a hard win in IEM Sydney. They won Astralis 3-0 in the grand final which was a huge surprise to everyone. FaZe looked extremely bad in the whole tournament but somehow managed to get to the finals and even win it.

Both of the teams need wins in ECS badly to get to the offline finals held in Wembley. FaZe has six games left while NiP has only 4. The teams are even in the standings placed 4th and 5th. This is almost a must-win for both teams.

At the same time, while FaZe was battling it out in Sydney, NiP was watching and learning them at home. That is why NiP has an edge going on to this match. FaZe’s player have arrived from Sydney 1-2 days ago so they have not had time to practice NiP’s playstyle.

We think that FaZe is still in a bad state despite their victory in Sydney. You can see errors in their communication and that Xizt has not adapted to his new role yet. It is looking like Rain and Niko are not in perfect form at the moment which of course impacts FaZe’s playing a lot. Of course, they woke up to the finals vs Astralis but it shouldn’t have an impact on this game. The difference between online and offline games is night and day, especially when talking about tournament finals. so I am giving an edge to NiP in this match.

NiP has been improving all the time since Dennis joined the lineup. From the last four games they have played in Overpass they have won four of them so the team has improved clearly. NiP has managed to win Astralis, Mousesports, Na’Vi and FaZe. All of the previous are top 5 teams so the results are at least tasty.

FaZe on the other hand has had a really tight game versus Renegades, Tight win versus Astralis, and also four losses against G2, Cloud9 and Fnatic (2). FaZe’s playing in Overpass looked absolutely terrible before IEM Sydney, which was expected because Overpass is a heavily tactical map and with a new player, it is hard to play it. We are not giving weight to their Overpass win in Sydney, because as we said, the difference between online and offline is night and day.

We assume that FaZe’s play is not on a top level especially after the tournament in Sydney. NiP has an edge because they have had time to practice and learn FaZe’s play. Overpass has also been a bad map for FaZe while NiP has improved massively on it. We are placing our bets on NiP’s win in this match.

Our Bet:
– Ninjas in Pyjamas ML @ 2,40