sportsbook review

EGB stands for E gaming bets. They were founded in 2011 and they operate out of Malta. EGB was one of the first bookmakers that specialized in eSports industry. They are also the proud sponsor of Hellraisers and Luminosity gaming.

egb com review and sportsbook overview

In order to use EGB, you will have to open an account. There are two types of registration, fast and full one. If you decide to register with the fast form, you will have to enter the nickname, password and email address. After that, you can start using all the functions that EGB offers. Once you are logged in you will probably get lost on the site. There are so many different things to do there. Starting with chat that looks very simple, random surveys, news about eSports, tournament streams, promotions, and of course live support. As I said, the site is very complex and it is based on a black background, while everything that is relevant is placed in squares. EGB is translated into numerous languages(English, Polish, Russian, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish and Chinese). By pressing on your nickname you will be prompted to account settings where you will be able to edit your profile, see your referrals, make a deposit or withdrawal. You will also see “today’s quest” section, but I will elaborate on that further in the text. They also have a decent support system put in place. You can reach out to them via live support that is live 24/7 or by sending them a support ticket for certain situations. Online support is very friendly and cooperative. In order to withdraw funds from your account, you will have to provide some sort of identity verification.


Games offered on EGB

EGB offers a standard variety of games to bet on:
– League of Legends
– Dota 2
– Hearthstone
– StarCraft II
– Heroes of the Storm
– Overwatch
– Rocket League
– Quake Champions
– NBA 2K

Searching through games is not a problem since all of the games have corresponding icons attached to it.


Betting and live betting on E gaming bets

Placing a bet on EGB is very simple. There is a “Simple bet” and “express bet” on the site. The first one is used for a betting on a single match, while express is used for combo bets. After you made your picks, a betting slip will appear on the bottom of the page. After you clicked on “PLACE A BET!” a new window will pop out where you will have to put in stake for your selections. After that, you have to click “place a bet” and you are good to go. Betting on live matches could be complicated, as you can only bet on certain matches that are colored in green. Most of the live games have a stream attached to it.


Odds and bets

EGB does not offer anything special regarding odds. In fact, they offer a slightly lower odds than their competition, especially on live matches. At the moment, the only type of odds is decimal. As for the pre-match odds, they are very similar to the ones offered by their competition. However, they are unique in a lot of ways. They are the only eSports bookmaker who offers a hero ban/pick in some Dota 2 tournaments. Furthermore, there are also a lot of specials on certain games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. A minimum bet is 1$, however, maximum bet depends on a couple of factors, tournament tier for instance.


Sportsbook bonuses for

There are a huge amount of different bonuses offered by EGB. Every new user gets a 100% deposit bonus, up to 600$. However, there is also a shop on the site. You can purchase anything from there, starting with gaming devices, real money or even deposit bonuses. The only way to earn points for the shop is by playing for real money. You can get 10 points for every dollar you bet if the odds are 1.3 or higher. If you follow EGB on social media, you will stumble upon some promo codes that are used as a deposit bonus. Points can be achieved not just by placing bets. There are also some daily quests that you can complete in order to win extra points. “Tell a friend” is an affiliate system EGB has put in place. If someone registered through your link and he earned points on the site, your account will be credited with cash.


Deposits and Withdraws

You can deposit in a lot of ways, the main ones are Credit/Debit cards which are connected to Skrill or Neteller. You can also deposit via Cryptocurrencies, mainly BitCoin and 14 others. A minimum deposit for cash is 5$, while Cryptocurrencies have a minimum of 8$. You can also use a Paysafecard in order to deposit(minimum deposit is 1$). As for the withdraws, a minimum of 15$ is required for both Skrill and Neteller, however, if you decide to withdraw via Cryptos, a minimum of 100$ is required.


EGB Pros and Cons

+a lot of deposit/withdraw methods
+ great support system
+ a lot of bonuses

-complex interface


EGB review conclusion

EGB is definitely one of the best eSports bookmakers out there. They provide you with a full package. A great support system, nice bonuses, affiliate system and even quests make this site very popular. Deposit and withdraw process is very simple and everything is done within 2 or 3 days. They could offer a slightly better odds, just so they can stay ahead of the competition and attract more players. On the other hand, could be complex to use for beginners, even though they have a “play money” option where you can play with virtual money just to try some stuff out. Overall, I would recommend EGB to the more experienced bettors as you will definitely get your money’s worth there.