Best eSports betting sites

Even thought esports is still one of the youngest newcomers in online betting, most of the biggest sports betting platforms are already offering eSports betting for all of the major games and tournaments. Easiest way to jump into eSports betting is to use betting offers, that allow you to get more money or better odds for new betting accounts. You can check all our betting offers here.

The eSports commerce has surely grown along a wide range of sponsors and a parallel business that, in one way or another, gets to the core of all disciplines: Betting; and, while CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL and many more important titles continue to develop themselves, so do their eSportsbooks.

So, if you’re not a scholar yourself, here we have a list of possible ideas to have on mind when considering to “invest” in this particular market. Let’s summarize all what’s important regarding where, how and what to bet in when jumping out to your exclusively favourite wagers.

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(e)Sportsbooks and eSports bookmakers

In case you’re not habituated to the term, a sportsbook is an institution that controls all the incoming bets upon a certain event which, in this case, may be called with that initial “e”, since we are currently around this massive phenomenon of eSports.

eSportsbooks may offer you different schemes that work with bonus mechanisms, deposits, cashbacks and many other boosts that can “make you” go into the whole deal: Betway, Buff88 and are just some of the pages that offer this services which, only experienced players will feel comfortable with.

Note that, just as many other online webpages, eSportsbooks do need to have that created confidence upon community in order to be reliable to the public. So, what are the things to be considered?


Bookmakers have had a whole spectrum on interest over how treasured eSports have become, and that’s a goldmine to everyone. However, it is important for new players, or even the oldest, to clearly perceive what they’re getting into.

As described in many online articles, bookmakers “make a profit by pricing their betting markets so that the odds offered do not represent the statistical probability of the event” so, it’s up to us to do our research on which ones are trustable and what can makes us achieve that great betting outcome we wish.

Big part of the market assures a 100% return in case you’re planning on making an initial deposit which, all things considered, will probably be linked to a starting offer: This means that we will always have to hold a good strategy since, statistically, there’s a 50/50 chance to win.


You’re now set up to make some good bets? No, you’re not. First, analyse the whole panorama, pal. Acknowledging the different teams you’re betting for, including their win rates, last conquered tournaments and their overall performance throughout the year (or years) will make you more confident about that money that will be spent.

Though, results are going to be random so, as we stated before, there’s always a 50/50 chance (or “odds”, whom we will discuss furthermore): Stats, players, updates; everything you need to believe that the team you’re aiming for will be the winner.


While there are different modalities of betting, most of the time there’s going to be an initial money deposit from which you’ll take on this “journey” of making lots of money. Remember, as we told you, that those bookmaker’s markets work within a 100% margin: And there, my dear folks, is where all the money goes to them.

If you bet €10, you’re probably going to get that money back in case you win over a 50/50, but as much as the percentage goes down (i.e. a 1.89), the deposit, or money in the game, must go up in order to multiply that initial investment.

So, if you’re planning on betting those €3,000 that were supposed to be used to pay rent for a few months, you should probably belvedere for the indicators that put your bet on 2.0 odds or, in all cases, higher.

We won’t lie to you: It is not simple math, but internet could make it easier for you.

Free Bets on eSports bookmakers

Aren’t you excited about free things? Yes. So are we. Esportsbooks offer these “free forms” in which you don’t actually have to make any deposit at all but, is it really worth it?

Most of those are based on a “register your account” trick which, in all cases, will give you bonus funds without meeting any other requirements and, while there are no bigger risks within this category, it is truly the hardest one: Prepare your numbers and start digging into those stats, because it won’t be easy in this betting world of eSports.

Don’t go crazy! Even if you’re a bet-maniac, concentrate on your main betting sites, whom may vary from one to another depending on their scores and formats. Taking that on mind, put your sight within the best ones and place your bets because, at the end of the day (and having selected the right sites), more free bets increase your odds.

Increase your odds with best betting sites

After you’ve fully understand how the whole system functions, all will be left to trial and error, where you will prove to yourself that your gambling addiction wasn’t that bad now that you have that long-time-desired Lamborghini.

Do your math, think on your strategies and choose your eSportsbooks carefully: Once this has been completed, comprehend that good prices doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be bigger odds, but the teams that are winning (and that you choose, of course).

So, subsequently to making your 1X2, 2.0, 1.91 or whichever is the percentage and fully getting how everything works in this market, you should be able to upsurge your chances of winning and making tons of money.


Before you ask: Yes, there are a lot of ways to obtain bonuses. First deposits, cashbacks, first bets, free bets, promo codes; there exist a broad list of websites that offer us certain bonuses, and most of them work with that “free deposit” arrangement whatsoever.

Let’s put Rivalry Esports, for example: They offer a free bonus that will give you $1.50 (or €1,31) as a “free bet” that only applies to new customers. Those can vary from small quantities to even a €50 bonus for first deposits — It all depends on the site!

Bonus are all around there, mainly because there’s not much of a gambling audience yet (but sure there’s a lot of money out there) that’s actively participating on those bets, but that is yet to change: Just like Bitcoin, those sportsbooks are providing users what they’re demanding, from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bets to all sorts of wagering.

Betting Titles

Even though there’s no a final list of eSports titles, and since many developers are constantly trying to make their big run by trying contests, tournaments and events alike, it’s always important to take on mind which games are compatible with bettings:

  • Overwatch
  • StarCraft II
  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2

While you’re reading on this article, you’ll find tips that may work with every single of those, but always remember: When it comes to eSportsOdds, there’s always going to be something from your side to be done in order to accomplish your strategies.

Confront Loosing on eSports betting

Gamblers tend to extinct their motivations with every loss; yet, it is always worth noticing that, throughout this downfall, no matter what, you must stay constant and analyse what are the things that are being done wrong.

Am I not considering all my options? Is my strategy failing? Have I gone for the big score too fast? Well, probably yes to that last question: The point is, there has to be a staking plan in order to make your bets effortlessly fruitful.

Know your limits and pay special attention to each one of the movements that you’ve done while placing one or many more bets. After all, losers will prevail, even with a system that wants you not to triumph.

Ready to gamble on eSports?

It sure is overwhelming, but taking that first step into this uncertainty path is just a way of confronting either your wins or your losses.

This whole marketplace is, as aforementioned, developing so fast it would probably eat all of us alive: It’s expected to “become the fourth most popular betting sport in 2020, turning over $27 billion annually”, with League of Legends on top, CS:GO with a 29% of the cake and Dota 2 with a 18%.

Small tournaments, Major Leagues or even the greatest competitions like Valve’s The International are part of those betting sites, and are waiting for you to start emerging that genius mind and plough your path into being a successful betting man or woman.

Oh! And don’t even answer the question: No one (except for those who are already experimented in the field) is ready for gambling, but we all learn from our mistakes… Just don’t let your mistakes to make you go bankrupt.

Let us know your comments on the gambling world and how this article helped you to get into it in the comment section!

What makes eSports bookmaker good?

Odds are very important for every person who enjoys betting. Odds will definitely make a bookmaker look good, but what does it take to be the best? You need to provide the full package, support system, which should be available 24/7, great bonuses(with reasonable wagers in order to withdraw them), simple and fast deposit methods, alongside that, fast processing of deposits and withdraws. Let’s take as an example. They definitely offer everything, and that is the reason why they are one of the best eSports betting sites out there. You can see our review here.

Games offered by best bookmakers

best esports gambling sites 2018
A lot of eSports bookmakers offer a similar variety of games to bet on. Most of them are offering League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2 and Overwatch. However, there are some that offer a huge amount of games on their site. One of those sites is, they offer over 15 different eSports games to bet on. You should remember that many bookmakers also offer more traditional games to bet on, if you are into other games than eSports too. For example MrGreen offers wide variety of other sports too, but their eSports game selection is very good too.

Bonuses provided by good esports bookmakers

Almost all of the eSports bookmakers will provide you with some sort of a deposit or loyalty bonus. Most of them are based on a 50% or 100% deposit bonus. However, you need to be very careful while claiming the bonus, since some bookies are putting in an unreal amount of wager bets required in order to withdraw. You will be tasked with wagering that bonus for over 10 times with a minimum odd of 1.85. That makes it pretty hard for a lot of gamblers, and it makes your balance unavailable for withdrawing. Some bookmakers will have referral system put in place. For instance, for every user who signed up with your invite link, and he made a deposit, you will be rewarded with a couple of dollars.

Best eSports gambling sites in 2018?

What would be a perfect fit for you? Probably a bookmaker that will offer you a full package. If you enjoy live betting, a lot of deposit bonuses, fast deposit and withdraws, and a very big variety of eSports games, then there are 3 strictly eSports bookies available for you. First one being, followed by and in the end Furthermore, if you are in for well-known bookies, who have been on the scene for a very long time now, and who branded themselves as one of the most reliable bookies out there, you will have 2 choices, either or However, both of these bookies are not prioritized on eSports bettings, but they do offer a nice variety of games to bet on.